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I am a wife, a mom, a servant, a seeker and a follower of Christ. I am blogging to chronicle my own journey with God with the hope to inspire others to deepen their relationship with Him. Perhaps my mistakes and blunders will make you chuckle. Or, maybe, my disappointments, mistakes and learnings will speak to your heart. I often write at night, so forgive the grammatical mistakes and misspellings. This is a place for me to empty my mind and thoughts, with the hope of one day blessing my 2 girls with the raw honesty about life from their mom. I invite you to journey with me and share in my joys and sorrows as I seek to know my Lord. Proverbs 8:17 "I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me."



Monday, May 2, 2011

A little longer...

Sabbath: stillness, silence, solitude, serenity, sleep, sunshine, sharing, soda, songs, sitting, singing, Son, simplicity, sacred, satisfying, spectacular, sustenance, shoes.

Yeah, that's right..shoes. I put on my flip flops today. The shoe which represents leisure, fun, rest, and enjoyment. They're my spring/summer sabbath shoes. Check out this site for a little more about shoes...http://tiny.cc/2wvv0
I really needed this day. My pace of life over the past 2 months is most comparable to a hamster running on a wheel at top hamster speed. The problem is that the wheel never stops spinning.  Lately, I've found it difficult to jump off of the wheel and land safely in the arms of my Savior.   God knew I needed this day. He ordains a special day of rest each week for me. It's a gift I sometimes fail to unwrap and savor. Gifts are meant to be opened. Gods' mandates are meant to be followed, for He knows what is best for us.

I love the simplicity of sabbath day.  After a restful night and late morning sleep, I decided to take a drive.  I ended up in Delta, PA.  It was an adorable little town with a General Store, houses with white picket fences, a creamery shoppe and several small churches.  As I drove through Main Street, I felt as though I had been transported to simpler times.  I can't remember the last time I saw someone sitting on a front porch reading a book, a mom gardening in the yard with small children playing outside, or a lady riding a lawn tractor with her dog at her side during a weekday.  I noticed a church steeple off to my left through the trees.   I drove to this quaint country church and parked on the empty lot.   I thanked God for this beautiful spot surrounded by open fields and a view of farms out in the distance.  It was there that I paused, stopped, and rested in the beauty of the day with my Savior.  I spent a lot of time noticing the sights, sounds and smells of the country.    The bees were buzzing by and they reminded me of the frenetic activity I had left behind today.  In contrast, a hawk was soaring with ease, high above the trees in the blue sky.  I was captivated as I watched the bird powerfully flap its wings up and down and then suddenly, it would stop to gently glide across the sky.  Today is my day to gently glide.   I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun on my face, the smell of fresh cut grass, and the breeze which whispered, "I'm here to meet with you."     God had noticed my need of rest and I was noticing God's presence with me. 

This is a glimpse into my sabbath day. He didn't disappoint and I found myself wishing for a little longer time with God in this way.  I pray for more obedience to God's command to keep the Sabbath holy...a special day, set apart, and to be savored.


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