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I am a wife, a mom, a servant, a seeker and a follower of Christ. I am blogging to chronicle my own journey with God with the hope to inspire others to deepen their relationship with Him. Perhaps my mistakes and blunders will make you chuckle. Or, maybe, my disappointments, mistakes and learnings will speak to your heart. I often write at night, so forgive the grammatical mistakes and misspellings. This is a place for me to empty my mind and thoughts, with the hope of one day blessing my 2 girls with the raw honesty about life from their mom. I invite you to journey with me and share in my joys and sorrows as I seek to know my Lord. Proverbs 8:17 "I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me."



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chewing on a Proverb

Proverbs 3:5-6  

5With all your heart you must trust the LORD (God, this is hard for me.) and not your own judgment.  (But, God, I feel strongly that I know what you want me to do...I think)   6Always let him lead you, (God, where are you leading me? I'm scared. This is hard.) and he will clear the road  (What are you doing with my life?  How long must I wait?) for you to follow.  (I want to follow you. I'm just not sure where to step next.)

It's 11:53 p.m. and I feel so very apprehensive about chewing on the verses above.  I know this scripture by heart but I am wrestling with it tonight.  I am frustrated by it quite honestly. I feel like a kid with a plate of brussels sprouts.  I know these verses are good for me but I'm just not sure I can chew them up and ingest them.  This is hard.   Oh, it's easy to roll this off the tongue and recite from memory, but it's not as easy to chew and swallow.   

Lectio...here we go.   May God speak and give me peace in my soul.  Nourish me with your Word, O God. Please speak to my condition.  Amen.

Lectio Divina:  The actual practice of lectio divina begins with a time of relaxation, making oneself comfortable and clearing the mind of mundane thoughts and cares. Some lectio practitioners find it helpful to concentrate by beginning with deep, cleansing breaths and reciting a chosen phrase or word over and over to help free the mind. Then they begin with the four steps:

Lectio - Reading the Bible passage gently and slowly several times. The passage itself is not as important as the savoring of each portion of the reading, constantly listening for the "still, small voice" of a word or phrase that somehow speaks to the practitioner.

Meditatio - Reflecting on the text of the passage and thinking about how it applies to one's own life. This is considered to be a very personal reading of the Scripture and very personal application.

Oratio – Responding to the passage by opening the heart to God. This is not primarily an intellectual exercise, but is thought to be more of the beginning of a conversation with God.

Contemplatio - Listening to God. This is a freeing of oneself from one's own thoughts, both mundane and holy, and hearing God talk to us. Opening the mind, heart, and soul to the influence of God.