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I am a wife, a mom, a servant, a seeker and a follower of Christ. I am blogging to chronicle my own journey with God with the hope to inspire others to deepen their relationship with Him. Perhaps my mistakes and blunders will make you chuckle. Or, maybe, my disappointments, mistakes and learnings will speak to your heart. I often write at night, so forgive the grammatical mistakes and misspellings. This is a place for me to empty my mind and thoughts, with the hope of one day blessing my 2 girls with the raw honesty about life from their mom. I invite you to journey with me and share in my joys and sorrows as I seek to know my Lord. Proverbs 8:17 "I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me."



Monday, October 25, 2010

Is that just a costume you're wearing?


Daily Devotions – Monday 10/25

.Making a Splash
Read Mark 9:33-35

A summer day + a few friends + a diving board = splash contest! The desire to make the biggest splash leads us to jump higher, lean farther, land harder and perfect the supreme cannonball. The same desire to make the biggest splash—to “be the greatest”—can happen in our lives. Notice how Jesus responds to the disciples’ discussion. Jesus does not condemn their desire, but redefines what it means to be great.

What is your strategy for making an impact in the world? How would you feel talking about your plans with Jesus? Spend a minute in prayer talking with God about how he can use you to pursue true greatness.


Wow, I've spent some time this afternoon contemplating this one.   I think this may be part of the strategy God is calling me to follow:

Micah 6:8 (NIrV)

8 The Lord has shown you what is good.

He has told you what he requires of you.

You must treat people fairly.

You must love others faithfully.

And you must be very careful to live

the way your God wants you to. (humbly)

My prayer is that God would be teach me how to live in humble submission to His will for my life each day and that I would make the most of every opportunity. There are days when I realize I'm just fooling myself into thinking I've accomplished God's will for the day simply because it may fall under the umbrella of good ministry work.   Accolades can be poisonous if they lead us to the place where we realize we are trying to please man and not God.  
I also recognize that the impact I make is limited to the point that I allow God to impact my own life.    Impact happens when I allow God's will and desires for me to come crashing into the deepest place of my soul.  When I am aligned with that, only then can I respond with action to make an impact.
I proudly wore my Cannonball Tshirt yesterday which says, "Cannonball...all in and making waves."   I have on my cannonball bracelet today.   In the quiet, this question came to my mind:   Is that just a costume you're wearing, or do you really intend to live this out?  Are you gonna jump?
While I feel fairly confident of the answer, I dare not respond so hastily.   I want to wrestle with this one for awhile.    
I am thankful for the journey.  Although not an easy one, I am grateful for His presence.